Saturday, November 1, 2008

Decisions, decisions.....

In the next few weeks, several local school districts are having open houses for new teachers. I knew that I would eventually have to decide where I want to teach - I just did not expect it so soon! I am student teaching in Jordan School District right now. This would make it easier for me to get a job in this district, just because my evaluations are done by Jordan District employees.I just feel that housing is so expensive in that area, and I would prefer to live close to the school I teach at. I have been thinking about Salt Lake District, because I can stay where I am at. Or, maybe Davis School District. I love the areas from Bountiful through Kaysville, so I am considering Davis as well. My Dad thinks that I should move back home and teach. I do not think that is going to happen. ( Sorry, Dad.)
This week is also ballot casting week. Phew! I am not sure I want either one to win. I feel that McCain does have the military expertise and knowledge, but I do not trust him. I do not like his advantages for the SBA. SBA are motivated by their own selfish greed. Have we not learned this in the last few years?
I have a lot of trust in Obama! I think he is a man of integrity. I feel that he truly sees the little guy in America. We need to consider the needs of the average, every day American trying to make ends meet.
So, wish me luck on my choices - and I wish the best for you!