Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! It is so sweet! This year is positively the best, best, BEST! I am student teaching in a year round school. My program requires me to spend half of my time (like 6 weeks a semester) in kindergarten, the other in 2nd grade. So, with year round school, I was in 2nd grade until the 27th of January. They do not come back on track until Feb. 23rd, missing Valentine's Day. So, we had Valentine's Day in 2nd grade on January 27th. (That is my first valentine's day). Being in kindergarten, I teach morning and an afternoon session.So, I get Valentine's Day X 3!!! It is so sweet! I love little Valentine's! How lucky am I???

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moments like these

Okay, so I have discovered that teaching is a proffession that requires some amount of insanity. I mean, first of all - I want to teach. This requires large amounts of patience, a good education, with low amounts of financial returns. It is in the preparing that I see my true insanity. I find myself on a snowy night at Sugarhouse park, walking along the creek finding rocks. Yes - rocks, of course, for my unit on rocks. I notice that I really must seem kind of scary - I mean who hangs out at night, along a creek? I guess the only people I would run into are those trying to hide a crime - or a body - neither of which are happy thoughts.... I just find that my lesson plans call for odd things - like my dead fish last week......

Oh well, my plans are on friendship - so I think I am safe for a while.....
Miss Drasher

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tag - You are it!

So, robyn tagged me! Here are 25 little known facts about the pegster....
1. I was prescribed glasses when I was three. They were terrible! They were too big for my face! I hated them!!!
2. I was on drill team/colorguard in High school and I loved it. There is something so wicked awesome about tossing a rifle and catching it - with music!
3. I have lost count of the number of roommates I have had - way over 100!
4. Some of the former are still some of my best friends!!!
5. I grew up in Lewisberry, PA. and now live in Salt Lake City.
6. I talk in my sleep - A LOT!!!
7. I am a giver.
8. I have never broken a bone - I really wanted to and tried to over and over again in elementary school.
9. I secretly love LDS romance novels! (SHHHhhh this is my darkest secret!!!)
10. I want to be a kindergarten teacher when I grow up.
11. I have had the most random jobs ever..... and A LOT of them!!!!!
12. I love the show Alias with Jennifer Garner.
13. Kids bring me so much joy!!!
14. I love country music!
15. I love to camp!
16. I went to Ricks College when it still was Ricks.
17. I love the movie Hairspray!

I guess I will need to work some more on having random facts!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is this the part where I become a grown up???? NOOOooooo, I'm not ready!!!

I am completing my student teaching right now. I love it, and everyday prepares me to be a great teacher! I love the school I am at, the teachers and the kids! I have my first interview with Salt Lake School District in 2 weeks!!! Awwwwwwwww! I just feel like I am jumping in to an ocean with a pair of floaties on my arms!

I am also quite giddy with the expectance of a job offer and my own classroom next year!

Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life Changes

I moved recently. I am renting from a former roommate of mine. Only thing is that now she is married and has two babies. Two babies - one is three months, the other 16 months. Plus, she has two step children. She rents another bedroom to a woman who does not speak english, with 16 month old. So - it is a different situation. I love it though. I am trying to pick up spanish. I am loving the kids - they are so much fun! Last weekend I learned how to make tamales. Life has given me a new adventure!!!

The world through the eyes of Seinfeld

Do you ever hear yourself saying, this reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld??? If you are like me, I say it on like a daily basis. Like tonight, it is freeeezing at work. Freeeezzzzzzinng! I find myself as George - shouting to his boss - "do you think you can freeze me out???" "You can't get rid of me that easily!!!!" I think it is hilarious! Have you Seinfelded today? Or is it "NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Unwed Peg

I have been getting everyone's christmas newsletters and decided that I need one myself. What can I say? I was jealous of being able to brag about 2008. No, there were not any newborns, and no, no one was potty trained either....
I turned 30!!! Yeahhh! I have developed into a mature (or somewhat mature) woman! Does this mean my foolish antics have to end - no way! It is my nature to have very blonde moments! It is new opportunities for adventures!

In March, I visited Texas for the first time, to see the Lewis Family. I had so much fun. I also had intensive style sessions with Chiara - I am not sure how much they really improved my style - but I looked good while I was there!

I was also accepted into my student teaching program in March - which brought a smile to my face!

May brought my biggest accomplishment - Graduation from the University of Utah with my B.S.!!!! It FINALLY CAME TRUE!!!! For this, my mom flew in from Pennsylvania, and we were able to spend a week together touring Utah. I also received two scholarships for student teaching.

In July, I started Kindergarten! Really, student teaching kindergarten. I love it soooooooo much! I am at Daybreak Elementary in South Jordan with Mrs. Karren. I am now a Mrs. Karren wannabe!!!! Now, I just need a magic wand!!!

I started 2nd grade in August. What a switch! They can do things by themselves! They really are a great group of kids as well!

In October, I lost my favorite roommate, Melinda, who moved to Tennessee. I miss her sooooo!!! We shared a room for so long that I think that I still talk to her in my sleep at night!!!

December blessed with an acceptance letter to the Master's Program at the U. I was so grateful, because I had already taken the classes this semester for the program. Now, I just need to find classes for the spring! Wish me luck!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Now that it is a new year, I have set some new goals for 2009!
1. I want to take more pictures. I seem to have a gift for bringing my camera with me, and then realizing that the batteries are dead, the memory card is full, or just never taking the camera out of the bag. Not this year!!!
2. Spend more time on things I like to do - scrapbooking,camping, etc...
3. To increase my spirituality. I would like to be more Christlike and to learn more from the Scriptures. I do want to also commit to attending the temple once a week.. or close to it. There is a new temple being built next to my site school.... To work on family history.
5. I would like to say that I want to date more, but lets face it - I don't date. I am not about to revert to my past ways of asking guys out - so I will just go against what prophets have said and "hang out" more. Its a step.....
6. My health goals....
7. Appreciate myself more - give myself credit for who I have become!
So there you go - and I forgive myself ahead of time for messing up!!!