Friday, August 28, 2009

Life at the Airport

I have a job! Yeah!!! It is at The Salt Lake City Airport. Life is interesting at the airport..... Now that I work there, I feel like I LIVE there.
I will recap some interesting scenes:
The Cat Lady: There was one lady who needed help with her 4 (Yes - 4) cats. All in cute little carriers, but cats none the less. I also thought cat women were more of the recluse type...
I love watching people - like the teenager today who gave her mother the best "whatever" look with teen attitude.
Oh, there are the missionaries! From farewells to homecomings. So sweet! The other night there were like 5 on the row of payphones, all sitting in wheelchairs, talking to their folks.
Oh, and I get to ride on the cart through the airport. It is sooo fast! (Yes- you'd better watch out!!!)
I love "riding" the jetway out to the plane, you know, when it moves to meet the door of the plane.

Speaking of jobs - I am now an aid at Roosevelt Elementary in - (you will never guess this! ) the 6th grade! Oh, they are such fun kids!

Ciao all!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Job Search

I do not want to say that I gave up on my teaching job search - but I have just added another pot to the burner. I need to find a job, any job, NOW. This has been an interesting search - as I am willing to do just about anything....
Here is my list of the most interesting jobs
Carriage Driver: you know the white carriages around temple square.... I would drive the carriage. Funny thing is that I have never been on a horse... but it said "no experience neccessary!"
Ice Cream Truck Driver: this would be fun - all the kids running toward you and all - but I would probably go crazy listening to the music all day!
Pizza Delivery: Who wouldn't want me on their doorstep with a pizza?
McDonalds: Yes, you can have it your way!
Party Supply Store: I am a great party planner!
Well, wish me luck - someone has to hire me!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This week my Grandfather, Mileo DeJohn, passed away. Let me tell you about him.....
He was pretty cool guy.
He fought in World War II. He was a glorified hero in the states for capturing three japs single handedly. Actually, they were deserters from the Japanese Army, hiding for days, starving, and my Grandfather came across them....
He was a true Grandpa.... always on our side..... when I wanted a hot dog at a nice restaurant he said sure. When I wanted to go on a date when I was 12, he said "let the girl go have some fun".....
He believed in America. He was a councilman for Detroit for years. My favorite picture of him and his wife with The Clintons.
He never gave up..... my grandmother did not allow him to see his two daughters, or even let him know where they were. Even though he went on two have like 7 kids with his second wife, he never gave up on finding his daughters, even hired a private investigater.
This is more about Grandma - and here collection of donkeys (symbol for Democrats). She is in the Guiness book of world records for this.
I can't believe he is gone, but I am grateful for the time we had. Love you Grandpa!