Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is oohhhhhh so possible...

Wow! Can you believe that We did it! We elected Obama to the Whitehouse! What a world we live in! Considering that when this man was born, he was born into a segregated world. Martin Luther King was dreaming of this boy's future.... Amazing!

I was thinking about this last week. I went to an awards banquet for education majors, where a lot of the donors were teachers. They talked about how many lives we influence as teachers. I could not help thinking of change that night...

Let me elaborate. I think of my own ancestral history. My own Grandmother grew up in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania. College was not really thought of as an option for her. Her options were created for her: wife and mother. Not that those are bad options by any means. I am just saying how many more opportunities are open for us today!

New subject: I was at the dentist today -which was scary after last week's ordeal. There was a little old woman who was just leaving when I got there. I was shocked to hear that she met her husband, and then married him 3 (one - two - three) DAYS LATER!!! Can you imaagine? Sometimes I hear of long courtships - but I don't think I have heard of such a short one! It would be incredible though - meeting someone and developing a relationship so quick! Wow!

Well, I need to get some schoolwork done -


The Lord Family said...

Are you serious? Did you really vote for Obama?
Hey, I like your posts. I'm excited for you and wish you the best on your "slim down" competition. I know you can do wonders!