Monday, April 28, 2008


I can not believe it! It finally hit me today as I finished my Math final that I am graduating from college this week!!!! I know - it took me too many years to count to actually finish- but it is here!!! Friday morning - you are all invited - even though I am really completely clueless as to the details.

So, for graduation, my mom is coming to town. She is the first of the Drasher clan to come and visit me out west. So, we will be touring touristy locations like Temple square and This is the Place Heritage Park. Any suggestions???

I am a little nervous about her visit. I mean, she has a lot of dirt on me.... we she be compelled to tell my roommates about my naked wonder woman impression? Or how I thought maxi pads were fun stickers when I was a kid? Yikes! And I am really in trouble if she brings pictures. I was an akward child - I started wearing glasses when I was three, and they did not make them small enough for my face. And I was born without a neck - really - I was just a smiley baby head on a body - no neck until I was like 6 months old.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tag - you're it!

Eat Chicken or Beef?......................Chicken
Prefer a Sunset or Sunrise?..............Sunrise - a brand new day - free of mistakes
Choose Candy or Fruit?....................Fruit
Like Soda or Juice?..........................Soda I am totally addicted.
Do you prefer Cat or Dog?..................Cat
If you had to choose, Chinese or Mexican?.................... Mexican
Travel the world or travel the country?..........The World - but I have actually never left the country.
Favorite color?........ PINK
Favorite time of year: ................Summer and Halloween
Favorite movie?.........RUDY - it has inspired me to finish school.
Enchanted, Anne of Green Gables, Ever After
Favorite Lazy time?.................surfing the internet, getting lost in a book.
Favorite activity?...............Dancing
SUV or a automobile?..................automobile
Family size?...........just me
Outdoors or Indoors?.............outdoors
Do you prefer Humor or Seriousness in your spouse?....Humor, I have no clue really
If you could take any trip in the world where would it be?............Italy
If you could take a trip anywhere in the country, where would it be?...........Anywhere

Who do you tag to do this: Anyone who's still reading that doesn't currently have this on their blog.

Forever Stong -

I do not usually do movie reviews, but I just wanted to put in a plug for Forever Strong. It is a great movie! What a small world - because the coach, Larry Gelwix, was the Bishop of my singles ward. I just love him!

I loooove the ballet

I have not been to the ballet since I was a child. I went to Ballet West's performance of Nine Sinatra Songs and fell in love with it!!! It just reminded me how beautiful dance can be. I love Sinatra, so that was easy to love, but to see it put to such expressive dance.... ohh, I loved it.
Thanks Delayna and Heather for being my ballet buddies!!!!

The waiting has finally paid off!!!!

I wrote about waiting for the mail a while back. It has been a long time - but here are the results...
1. March - Yes, I have been accepted to the Early Childhood Licensure program at the University of Utah. This was marked by phone calls from screaming classmates all eager to share the joy of being accepted. I was so excited that I was jumping up and down, then fell over ( I was still trying to get used to my new stilletos, kind of embarrasing).
2. I found out (not by the mail) that I did not get accepted into the Graduate program. Do not be sad yet - because it is okay. Actually, I officially did not apply - the admissions office did not send my application to the department and my GRE test scores were not able to be found. I almost cried in the advisors office as she told me this. They will let me take the Graduate classes in the fall and I can be considered for admission in October.
3. I qualify for a $5,000. Mastercard (at 29% interest, with an annual fee, where do I sign?????) !
4. (This was followed by more jumping and screaming!!!!) I was offered the Katherine Bennion Scholarship through the Teaching and Learning Department at the University of Utah for my student teaching next year. (OMG)$2,500. !
5. I may have already won $25,000. through Publisher's Clearing House!

Can I just say - I love mail!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer - is it here yet?

So, I can not wait for summer. Since my semester is ending, I figure it is here for good! Here is my list of summertime dreams....
Camping - I love camping all summer long. Destinations: Moab, Monte Cristo (my favorite), Bear Lake...... and maybe a few new spots this year!
Home - Pennsylvania - I have Nieces and Nephews I want to see...
Find a good step aerobics class. Okay, I used to go to one club that had awesome teachers, and the club closed. I need to find a good teacher, or if anyone knows a gay guy named Karl who teaches step - I need to know where he teaches now cause he ROCKS!!!!
Swim - I could think of no better way then to spend it in the sun at the pool.
Hiking: I plan on doing the Timp hike this summer.
Les Mis: Okay so the Tuachan is putting on Les Mis this summer and I totally want to go!
I want to go tubing. I did this all the time as a kid, and I love it!
Ice Blocking
Scrapbooking: I have not had the time to for so long..... I miss the creativity!!!
Mountain Biking
New Adventures!!!!!!!!!!
Any other ideas????

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blog Happy

Blog Happy
So, I admit it – I am kind of a manic depressive blogger. I just do not always have time to post all of the random thoughts that swim through my mind. So, I go for a few weeks without posting – then kabloomo – I am a blogger again!

I love my job!

I love my job!!!
I will admit it – I love my job! I work at a residential treatment center for teenage girls. I love working with the girls there. I love that I learn so much at work about working with people in general. It has really opened my eyes!

What do you do when all of your dreams come true?

So, like all of my life I have dreamed of having a large family. My dream car is a 15 passenger van – and having enough kids to fill it. The other day as I was working, I was driving one of these vans filled with teenage girls. The van was literally bouncing to the music, and I realized - my dreams have come true in their unique way. So, what do you do when all of your dreams come true?????