Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Lately, I have been realizing that I need to really have been trying to appreciate the blessings that I have been given. This includes my single life! One thing about my single life is that I have had a LOT of roommates! I have had such GREAT roommates, but for you: you get a brief synopsis... My first roommates: RICKS college: Sherri: my very first roommate, with whom I "clicked" with right away!, Julia, Lisa, Sara, Marci: a Pinterest sensation! Rebekah, Sabrina, Jess: I am always sad when I think of Jess. Even though she told a lot of lies to destroy my name and my life.... I feel that her need to destroy me was led by her eating disorder and my obvious lack of one.... Rose, and Devin. That is when I did a summer study abroad with about 30 women....in Yellowstone, in a huge cabin. Yes, 30 women- no men, for like two months with the exception of some road trips. That is when we truly showed how man crazy we were! Foothill Manor: a house at Ricks College with 18 women. Lets just say the estrogen became intense!Leigh,Robyn,Daciana, Leela, Anna, Larissa, Sherrie, Marryanne, Jacqueline: I believe she holds the record for number of engagements in one semester! Jennifer, Jen, Sephlin, Anastasia: check out her music!Laura, Tracey I lived in Provo, Ut Heidi, Michelle, Janet Then I moved to Ogden, UT where I lived with Andrea,Celeste,Lucinda: yes my childhood best friend!Marrian, Annie, Sharla & Cindy. I moved to Salt Lake City: Rebekah, Jessica, Jen, Heidi, Natalie, Michelle,Pam, Annie,Pillar, Elizabeth before I moved back to Ogden: Kathy, Lori, Kelsey, Jennifer, & Charity who walked around with a rat on her head: for reals! and back to Salt Lake Sarah, Melody, Suzanne, Melinda: who is more like a sister than a roommate. Tiffany, Ingerlis: who was the funnest roommate ever! Monica, Rachel, Gloria, Heather: who told more lies then I could count! I believed everything she said for so long... but then realized that she lied about EVERYTHING!!! {which is also why I had an imaginary boyfriend at the time!} Valerie & Debbie: who "lovingly" nicknamed me the "regulator" because I tried to help her and her fiance to marry in the Temple by constantly knocking on her bedroom door when he was over. I have never made so many cookies in my life! I just felt that they were a good excuse for interuption! Kathryn, Juliana, Larissa and Brittney then I rented a room from a friend and her young family. Then I moved into a beautiful house in Sandy, UT. I think the neighbors were concerned to have the house rented out to a group of single women. They always knew what was going on at our house! Stacey, Sarah, Brinlee & Trish. before I moved to an apartment in Turnberry Apartments. Turnberry was nice becaause so many LDS singles lived there. I lived with AnnaLaura there. So there you go: 70 -100 AMAZING women! All of whom shaped my life! I love you all!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A glimpse into the female brain...

I recently read an article discussing the addiction of pornography and how it is entangling boys younger and younger. I say boys because it claimed that boys are more exposed to it. Women also become addicted, but are generally not exposed to it as much. I would like to discuss that point in the article. I do not want to belittle the addiction to pornography, however, I do want to point out how different men and women's brains are. I can legitimately say that given the opportunity, I am not that interested in seeing the naked body. Not that I do have sexual desire - but it is not in the seeing that women become aroused. Now, show me a man who compliments me, appreciates me or wants to help me become a better person - and oh, baby! Show me a man who is genuine in wanting to cultivate a relationship by doing the little things, and I will not run away. Wow- show me a man who is chivalrous - and I might just drool a little. I also think that women have addictions - just in different areas. Given a computer - what do you think that I am going to look at for hours? Shoes, purses, dresses, ooh, is that pinterest? I am stuck! It might just be a few hours. I am grateful for this. I may be naive in saying this - as I have never even had the desire to view pornography. I am happy and proud to be a woman. I am a woman who is proud to be feminine. I am one who dreams of romance - not for the sexual - but for being treated with care and tenderness and {hold my breathe} love. {ooh... is that a website with modest dresses... I might be a while..... don't wait up!}