Monday, September 21, 2015


This morning, one of the thoughts that went through my head was, :"what would my life be like if I had married at a normal age?" Now, I realize, that my religious beliefs make normal a little skewed.... so, here is my breakdown of my single years When I was 18, I went to a church school, where I was kind of surprised at how much people talked about getting married - I was still kind of shocked that I was grown up enough to think of being married.... Then, when I was 20, I moved to Ogden... where I remember being told that I was getting older, I should be expanding my dating pool. Also, I remember attending a singles branch that had an "older" gentleman (he was 30!) At that point someone said that there really must be something wrong with someone to be single over 30! When I was 22, I moved to Salt Lake City, UT..... Singles were older, more sophisticated: it was awesome... but as time went on, I remember the dread as I did approach 30. I attended a congregation of only singles. I remember the fear of being called out - hearing that the Bishop would pull you aside after 31, asking you to find a new congregation. I made the jump to a family ward at 31 - and it was okay - because I still had midsingles events to go to. I stuck out a bit though, because I lived in a very family ward - and was pretty much the only single among them. Now, I am 37 - and, don't get me wrong, I have loved some of my single years! Now, especially being on the eastcoast, I am used to being the lone single.... scattered among the families. Now, I get the comments from the Bishop telling me that I just need to get married (like, you know, buying a pair of shoes!) Now, at least, if I was normal now, I would be getting divorced, right? So, I have probably missed quite a few stages... How about you, have any phases to add???