Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eyes of a child

I thought today of how excited a kindergartner was today to be the teacher's helper. If only I could be that thrilled at something so little.

As I listen to a child cry because she did not get to help lay out the crescent rolls, and how her sister always gets to, I think of my own similar thoughts..... and petitions to my Heavenly Father.

Perspective is a powerful thing....

So, today I am totally thrilled by.....
the green light on the way to work
the kindergartners loving my shape monster.... i love when they laugh out loud!
the cupcakes in the break room
the hugs from kindergartners (I get them everyday!)
the art projects in the afterschool program
the advice from a third grade teacher
the free dinner from cafe rio
cafe rio
the stairs were shoveled at home
having a washer and dryer at home
the fact that Halloween is only two days away
the package of toilet paper my roommate bought
the huge supplement of vitamin C to keep me healthy

I love how appreciating the small things makes the blues go away......:)