Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Memories

-Hearing Elvis Presley's Christmas always reminds me of home. One night, when I was about nine years old, our family was trying to have Family Home Evening. I think me and my sisters were probably driving Dad crazy. We were just a little wild. So, in his Marine Fashion, we had to get in a circle and march. March! Then he turned on Blue Christmas - for us to continue marching!
-Dancing in the kitchen with my grandma (Nannie Drasher).
-After opening presents, we usually played one of our new games together. I was so excited one year, because my older brother and sister were letting me play the game of Life with them. I showed my new found maturity by laughing so hard that I wet my pants - really!
-As a child, I would go to the craft store/boutique with my mom all the time. I would always kind of sneak away to look at this porcelin doll. I was always amazed to see a doll with brown hair and brown eyes like me! So, one day when the doll was gone, I was really sad. How surprised was I when Santa had brought that same doll for me!
-We always drove around to look at Christmas lights during the season. We always went to Hershey's Chocolate World - they have a Christmas set up there with lights and even reindeer! So much fun!!! The best part was mom getting pulled over for drunk driving! ( She was not drunk she was just under the influence of kids!)
Merry Christmas Memories!!!!!

What is your favorite Christmas Memory???