Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blahhhhhh...... I am trying to be grateful.....

I have trying to be more aware of all of the blessings in my life really... so here is what I am grateful for today.
Pain Killers: Yes, I had a tooth pulled, and I feel like I have been puched in the face, but I am ohh so grateful for the painkiller to take me away to my happy place..
I am grateful that I do not bruise - like ever. I would look terrible today if I did.
I am grateful that I made one green light on the way to work at 3 am. Seriously, though, Salt Lake needs to have traffic sensitive lights - I love sitting alone at traffic lights.
I am grateful for yogurt, applesauce, soup and ice cream - the less chewing, the better.
I am grateful for sweet roommates & group scripture study. It made my day today!
I am grateful for emails, which has allowed me to get my schoolwork done tonight.
I am grateful for fuzzy blankets and sweet dreams!