Monday, January 18, 2010

Run, Peggy, Run!

My new goal is to become a runner. What? Me, a runner? You are talking to a girl who was tormented as a child, for not being able to run very fast. I could barely run the mile in high school. I have always wanted to be able to run - so I am going to do it. Starting today. I will run 5 days a week - and I know I will get better. I started today with seeing how long I could run continuously. Woohoo - I went 1/4 of a mile. So, I alternated walking and running every 1/4 mile. It actually felt pretty good! Great! My challenge has begun. So, what can you do to support me? Come run with me!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Twenty –Ten
This is gonna be Big. I mean it! A fabulous year!
Oh, I guess I could recap 2009- but only the positive stuff.
*I earned my teaching Certificate – Officially Licensed (in the State of Utah). Really! Me. Legal and all. So- I am a teacher. Snaps – It felt incredible!!!!!
*Girls Camp- I did it – I successfully planned and executed a girl’s camp and had a fabulous time! I was super crafty and everything.
* I met a fabulous family – I babysit for them! I love them so much!
*After my brief spout of homelessness, and the generosity of those who let me stay with them- I am now in a great home, and I love it.
* The year that I lost 60 lbs. and thus loose my pants in awkward situations.
So, 2009 was not what I had expected – but I learned a lot. Kind of glad it’s over though!

Twenty Ten
The year that I get my first teaching job.
The year that I totally become an awesome teacher.
The year that I loose 100 lbs and officially become Hot.
The year that I earn my Masters of Education. (I think I could finish this year – but it will most likely 2011.
The year that I meet the super hot guy – and totally turn into a world class kisser.
The year that I learn how to take care of and fix my car – and make my car a true driving machine.
The year that I become a true chef, with mad cooking skills.
The year that I get a passport and actually leave the country.
The year that I become a real photographer, assuming that I remember to keep the batteries charged.
The year that I write my first LDS Romance Novel.

It is going to be an Amazing year!