Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Sister

I was lucky enough to have my oldest sister, Shelly, visit in March. So here's the explanation. Shelly is 9 years older than me. She is the world's greatest sister! Well, she bore more from the family dysfunction than me. She found herself pregnant at only 16. I have always admired the fact that she had the courage to give her baby up for adoption. I have alway wondered what happened to the little boy. Well, when he contacted my sister last year, I found out that he lives in Spanish Fork, UT. Yes, here in UTAH!!!!

Shelly has loved every minute that she has been able to spend with him since she was reunited with him last May. So, she took the trip to Utah!

Its an amazing gift to have a sister. We talked and talked and talked. Then, I finally met my nephew, Noah! So cool to have met my long lost nephew AND have a family member in the state!!!!