Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gertrude must die!!!!

I read an article today in Self magazine about how we talk to ourselves. I have realized this myself recently. Sometimes I think that we abuse ourselves with the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves. Think about it - if we wrote down everything negative thing that we thought about ourselves - wowo! Or, if we spent themday telling them to someone else - well we wouldn't.
So my negative mind has a new name - Gertrude. This is the voice that tells me that I can not take a nap, because that would make me lazy. I can not take the day off. I have to just be tough - and life will just be endured.
I MUST KILL GERTRUDE!!!! Life is to be lived - to have fun! I need to give myself credit for the things that I have done and overcome. I am Peggy, hear me roar!!!