Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Memories

-Hearing Elvis Presley's Christmas always reminds me of home. One night, when I was about nine years old, our family was trying to have Family Home Evening. I think me and my sisters were probably driving Dad crazy. We were just a little wild. So, in his Marine Fashion, we had to get in a circle and march. March! Then he turned on Blue Christmas - for us to continue marching!
-Dancing in the kitchen with my grandma (Nannie Drasher).
-After opening presents, we usually played one of our new games together. I was so excited one year, because my older brother and sister were letting me play the game of Life with them. I showed my new found maturity by laughing so hard that I wet my pants - really!
-As a child, I would go to the craft store/boutique with my mom all the time. I would always kind of sneak away to look at this porcelin doll. I was always amazed to see a doll with brown hair and brown eyes like me! So, one day when the doll was gone, I was really sad. How surprised was I when Santa had brought that same doll for me!
-We always drove around to look at Christmas lights during the season. We always went to Hershey's Chocolate World - they have a Christmas set up there with lights and even reindeer! So much fun!!! The best part was mom getting pulled over for drunk driving! ( She was not drunk she was just under the influence of kids!)
Merry Christmas Memories!!!!!

What is your favorite Christmas Memory???

Pamper Yourself!!

I work with a girl who is going to nail school. If you want to pamper yourself this holiday season - go and see her. The services are cheap - and on Mondays - half off!!!! Give her a call - Whitney Jackson 561-9112. She is at the school of nail technology at 85 East 7200 South. I can't wait!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!

I am so excited! Now that Thanksgiving is officially over - it is time to ring in the holidays! List of Christmas stuff this year:
See the lights on Temple Square
I want to go ice skating - I have never been.
Christmas Caroling - it has been years!!!
make a gingerbread house!
Play Santa!!!
Make Cookies!
Sit on Santa's Lap - especially if santa is a young, eligible bachelor!
Kiss under the mistletoe
Drink Hot Chocolate
Watch A Christmas Story - you have to see this every year!!!
Read The Polar Express
Wrap gifts
Any other suggestions???
Anyone want to join me in the festivities?

I love family history... with technology

My Dad is a Family History buff..... I really admire that in him. I have spent countless hours with him. Have you ever seen our books? Yeah, books on tombstones in Pennsylvania - exciting stuff. I am the one working on my mom's side of the family - which is so interesting. Dad is about to serve a service mission working with family history.
Technology has made this work so much easier! For instance, Dad sent me a picture of my great, great grandmother today. She lived over 100 years ago! Cool that I can get her picture just like that! Now - she is famous - posted on Peggy's blog for the world to see!!!!
". . . I encourage you . . . to begin to unlock the knowledge of who you really are by learning more about your forebears." James E. Faust.

I love a Parade!

Since I was a small child, I have always spent Thanksgiving morning watching The Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade. I love it! Today was no exception! I love the balloons and the floats. Plus, the bands bring me back to my days of marching band (yes - I was a band buddy!)Today, I loved this group called the Briefcase drill team, which was a group of men in women in suits and ties, carrying - you guessed it - briefcases! I love this picture of the Energizer Bunny - even he gets pooped out!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

I love the kindergartners that I am doing my student teaching with! For the last two weeks, the children have been given an assignment. We have been singing a song about a Turkey who runs away for Thanksgiving. They have to come up with a disguise. They have been so cute! From a baby turkey, to the incredible hulk and even a mermaid! I love them. And, if I was a turkey and had to hide....I would dress up as Mr. Potato Head... he is big and brown to begin with! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck finding your Turkey!
Miss Drasher

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Did you hear?

I love the rivalry between University of Utah and BYU Football! It is hilarious! I am a loyal U of Utah fan. Good thing that The U beat BYU 48 -24!!! YEAAHHH!

Marvelous Monday

Monday was a Marvelous Day...
here's why:
1. Step Class. Have I said that I love step before? Sweat + music + dance = heaven!
2. It was beautiful outside! I love all the fall colors.
3. I was actually on time for class.
4. I have the best advisor at the U who sang her version of "A few of my Favorite Things" Literally - I mean she sang it!
5. My afternoon class was cancelled - so I took a nap, cleaned the kitchen and finished a paper.
6. I was offered a job for the Christmas break. It is not glamorous - but hey - it pays.
Now, if the rest of the week could be just as good.......

Saturday, November 15, 2008

One fall Leaf....

So, this is how I am feeling lately....

One fall leaf, blowing in the wind.
May be a beautiful sight to see.....
Exploring, discovering the world around
moving from place to place,
Never feeling the ground.
Longing for the comfort of the tree....

I think that I realized at a young age how different my family is. There really is no connectedness - no bond. I guess that happens in families that divorce. It does not fill my craving though. It leaves me feeling raw and exposed, for so many years. Like when I am at church and the song is "Families Can Be Together Forever." Ouch! I do not usually bring up my pain.... but it helps to express it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I am currently enrolled in a contest, called Utah Slimdown. I have a membership at Metro Fitness. I was given instruction on lifting weights. I have also been given a diet - where- lets face it - I have cheated a lot!
The diet has the following rules: no carbonated beverages ( this is SOOO hard for me! Eat only whole grains. No sugar - if a sweetener is needed, used stevia. Lots of water and raw vegetables.
It has been about three weeks since I started - and even with me cheating every once in a while - I have lost 15 pounds. Yeahhh for me!!!!

Gertrude must die!!!!

I read an article today in Self magazine about how we talk to ourselves. I have realized this myself recently. Sometimes I think that we abuse ourselves with the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves. Think about it - if we wrote down everything negative thing that we thought about ourselves - wowo! Or, if we spent themday telling them to someone else - well we wouldn't.
So my negative mind has a new name - Gertrude. This is the voice that tells me that I can not take a nap, because that would make me lazy. I can not take the day off. I have to just be tough - and life will just be endured.
I MUST KILL GERTRUDE!!!! Life is to be lived - to have fun! I need to give myself credit for the things that I have done and overcome. I am Peggy, hear me roar!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change is oohhhhhh so possible...

Wow! Can you believe that We did it! We elected Obama to the Whitehouse! What a world we live in! Considering that when this man was born, he was born into a segregated world. Martin Luther King was dreaming of this boy's future.... Amazing!

I was thinking about this last week. I went to an awards banquet for education majors, where a lot of the donors were teachers. They talked about how many lives we influence as teachers. I could not help thinking of change that night...

Let me elaborate. I think of my own ancestral history. My own Grandmother grew up in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania. College was not really thought of as an option for her. Her options were created for her: wife and mother. Not that those are bad options by any means. I am just saying how many more opportunities are open for us today!

New subject: I was at the dentist today -which was scary after last week's ordeal. There was a little old woman who was just leaving when I got there. I was shocked to hear that she met her husband, and then married him 3 (one - two - three) DAYS LATER!!! Can you imaagine? Sometimes I hear of long courtships - but I don't think I have heard of such a short one! It would be incredible though - meeting someone and developing a relationship so quick! Wow!

Well, I need to get some schoolwork done -

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Decisions, decisions.....

In the next few weeks, several local school districts are having open houses for new teachers. I knew that I would eventually have to decide where I want to teach - I just did not expect it so soon! I am student teaching in Jordan School District right now. This would make it easier for me to get a job in this district, just because my evaluations are done by Jordan District employees.I just feel that housing is so expensive in that area, and I would prefer to live close to the school I teach at. I have been thinking about Salt Lake District, because I can stay where I am at. Or, maybe Davis School District. I love the areas from Bountiful through Kaysville, so I am considering Davis as well. My Dad thinks that I should move back home and teach. I do not think that is going to happen. ( Sorry, Dad.)
This week is also ballot casting week. Phew! I am not sure I want either one to win. I feel that McCain does have the military expertise and knowledge, but I do not trust him. I do not like his advantages for the SBA. SBA are motivated by their own selfish greed. Have we not learned this in the last few years?
I have a lot of trust in Obama! I think he is a man of integrity. I feel that he truly sees the little guy in America. We need to consider the needs of the average, every day American trying to make ends meet.
So, wish me luck on my choices - and I wish the best for you!