Saturday, July 18, 2009

YW Camp

I seriously had so much fun at yw camp! I have to say, I was a bit nervous starting out - if I remembered to pack everything that we needed and stuff - but it all turned out great!

We camped in Ogden Canyon, at Camp Atoka. Our theme was BUGS - Blossoming Uniquely and Growing Spiritually. I was amazed at the creativity from each ward - from ladybug visors to dragonfly earrings - every bug was refelected beautifully!

I have to admit - our ward was saved by the genorousity of our Priesthood Leader - who is the handiest man to have around. Seriously- we would have been camping on tarps and calling out for pizza if he had not been there. Plus - he was so happy just to spend some time with his daughter.

I loved the skits the girls did - our ward did one on the full armor of God. I will not forget however, the skit with lightning bugs- whenever you perform an act of service your but lights up - lets all light our butts!

Finally, we were able to float down the river and just relax in intertubes! It was so nice to cool off!!!!

I really do have the best calling - and I was able to build friendships with the YW and the other leaders.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A trip down memory lane....

So, let's go back in time... to just about twelve years ago. I had just traveled across the country - to the great land of Rexburg, Idaho. I just moved into my new apartment with like zero belongings, and I was a little nervous... That is when I met Sherri. We became friends & roommates instantly!
So, yesterday, it was fun to see her - since I have not seen her in twelve years. She helped me make the bandanas for girls camp. Then she shared all (well some) of her crafting secrets - cause she is the craftiest of them all! Really! She showed me how to make tutu's ( cause every girl needs a tutu - ) ! Then, she showed me how to make hair bows and clips. It was really fun to see her - and her three little girls! Thanks Sherri!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wonder Woman Award

I see wonderful women in the world pretty often. Sometimes, there are those that really deserve an award for being so amazing. I started babysitting for a Wonder Woman achiever about a month ago. She is my age, 30, and like me, she is single. She wanted to make a difference in the world, and she loves kids. She started taking foster children into her home. Not just one - she started with 2 sisters, then 2 brothers. Then she adopted all four. I am amazed and awed by her caring and her bravery! What a wonder woman!!!