Friday, March 21, 2008


For Spring break, I went to Dallas, Texas. I went to see my good friend, Chiara. She is a Italian drama queen - and I simply adore her and her accent! Her plans for my trip were to "find Peggy a husband." So, when she had plans to visit a singles ward -I was surprised - especially that her husband would let HER go too! (she is just too beautiful!)
I then discovered that her plans required, well, an intensive makeover. I was informed that I needed to change EVERYTHING about how I look - but too keep my heart "because I have one of the sweetest hearts!" This included a manicuure/pedicure, a facial, highlights, a haircut, an eyebrow wax, new clothes, new shoes and that my "hideous handbag be thrown out."
This was followed by advice on how to get a man. It is not that I do not believe in the advice - I just can not be that kind of girl - trying to manipulate men......
But, for all of you singles out there who have to be cured from the sickness of singlehood....... here are her rules:
play hard to get.... never call a boy, they need to call you.
look and dress as if you are expensive - and worth the cost

Enchanted - Can I just say how much I love it!!!!

I was so excited for this to come out on DVD. I took it home and watched it right away! It is so cute - so if you have not had a chance to see it - I highly advise doing so!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Short and Sexy

I just want to announce my new haircut. It is short and sexy - and I love it! Taa daaa

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thirty..... I think I am an adult now....

SO, I turned thirty last week. I loved it! It was so much fun! I went to a broadcast of The Good Things Utah show, and my birthday was announced on TV. I figured that 3o is a milestone, so I went all out this year (no one can accuse me of not doing my share for the economy!!!)
Jewelry: brought to me by Lia Sophia
Stilletto Heels: I decided I need to look less frumpy. Yet, I am not very good at walking in them, yet....
Roses: okay, what girl does not like getting flowers!
A haircut: I needed a change.
And I was able to wear my pink feathered boa and my tiara - which I would where everyday if I could. pics on their way........
Now, should I start to feel like an adult ????
Happy Birthday Peggy!!!!

You're gonna miss this

Okay, I love music that really touches you to the core. So, I love this song, "You're gonna miss this" by Trace Adkins. It talks about the different stages of life: being a teenager, a newlywed, a mother, etc. and how we will miss the phase of life that we are in right now. It is telling us to truly live in the moment, insteading of always hoping for the next phase. So, I will say it now, I am living my single years to the fullest!

Other songs that hit home......
Ready, set, don't go
This reminds me when I left home to go to college.....

Wanted: One good man

So, I love craigslist! It is the ultimate garage sale, all year long! Today I discovered the personals section, and was rather surprised. I have been surprised by previous ads with people looking for roommates and even childcare - from complete strangers! The personals - wow - it is interesting.

It was funny to see how people just list what they want - and then expect to have their needs met from a personal ad. So, I decided to post my own personal ad on my blog - where it is safe. I expect to have Mr. Right respond within 7 - 10 days......

Wanted: One faithful LDS man who will respect me as a person, who Loves the Lord and desires to serve Him throughout his life. A guy who desires to have a family. Someone who has perspective on life in general, who can laugh at himself. Someone who can take me to the Temple. Someone who truly desires to know who I am, who can accept both my weaknesses and strengths. Someone who can laugh with me, cry with me and truly be a companion.....

Any takers??? Any bets on when Mr. Right will come knocking on my door? :)))

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What are you so happy about ???

So, the other day, I was walking on campus. It was a beautiful day! I was wearing my favorite bright pink shirt, with little bows on the sleeve, and a pretty necklace. This old man passed me, and asked " what are you so happy about?" Like it was a crime! I did not even have a permagrin Viagra style smile or anything....

So, I responded by saying "I'm sorry" but I declare tonight that I AM NOT SORRY!!! I am so happy about..... spring is on its way. For the color pink, for the gospel, for feeling successful, for good friends who really know me, for movies that make you laugh, or make you cry, for Hope (THIS IS A HUGE ONE), for love (because love is all you need) for the ability to change, for mountains, for warm beds with comfy blankets, for peanut butter cups, for good books that take you away, for bubble baths,........ so I ask, "What are YOU so happy about?"