Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yard Saleing is a Verb

Here is a glimpse into my odd family life. Yard saleing is a regular - every saturday activity in my family. Every Saturday - without exception, we would spend hours - and come home with a ton of stuff. (In fact, this even became an issue in my parents marriage - the stuff Dad brings home from yard sales>) Our motto is " the family that yard sales together, stays together."

So, with the painful memory of yard sale after yard sale, you would think that I would be the last person out there. Well, every once in a while I have to stop at one. I am however, a bargain hunter. So, here is what I bought today.... all for only five bucks........
1. So, I totally want to make this cake stand that I saw on Tutus and Turtles, so I bought two faux crystal plates, and two faux crystal candlesticks.

2. I LOVE, Love, Love kids books, so I bought "A Snowman Named Bob" , "Oh the Places You'll go" and "Moosetache". (Don't tell the roomies - cause I have way to many books cluttering the apartment already!)
3. Three video tapes by Feature Films For Families - so I love the FFFF! I grew up watching "On Our Own" over and over.
So I am tinkled pink at my bargains today.

What is it about bargains that make us women so excited????
Here is my top ten list of bargains ( a work in progress):

1. My Electrolux Vaccum for $5.00 - the best vaccuum ever!
2. My $20. microwave - brand new at Macy's (too bad my roommate fried it!)
3. The quilt on my bed for $4.00.
4. Set of Curculon pots and pans - $20.00
5. An entire box of kids books - $3.00

Not using my Mastercard........ Priceless


Suzie said...

Those are some AWESOME deals! You go girl!