Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ode to friendship...

So, I kind of have an issue with keeping in touch with people - I am addicted! I love it! Now days, I have little time, but with the internet and cell phone, I seem to manage keeping in touch with everyone. So, today is kind of an "Ode to Friendship." Some of them are fellow bloggers - some are not. I have seen blogs with posts about their blog stalkers – and well - I have my own version….

First their was Lucinda. Lucinda and I grew up in the same LDS Ward in Pennsylvania. Our parents both divorced at the same time. So, when Lucinda moved down the street from me and we were instant best friends (with the necklaces to prove it!) I spent all summer with her - going home probably once a week for clean clothes. My home life was still pretty bad at the time, so being with her allowed me to avoid the drama at home. I learned a lot from her. Plus, at her house, they had family hugs with family prayers. Hugging did not happen in my house - so it took me a while to learn to hug. I love hugs now! Years later, Lucinda became my roommate – and she has been one of my dearest friends since I was 11.

Rebecca saved my life. After my parents split - I became lonely and depressed. Rebecca was someone I could talk to – and eventually led me to getting the help I needed. She was the friend for me that helped me to be my best self. She is so fun and creative! Having such great friends in the church helped me to stay active during my teenage years.

Suzie – I met Suzie when I moved to Salt Lake. She is so down to earth and just plain funny! She is a great mom. She is also the friend who got me hooked on blogging! I love that when we were both in the singles ward that we did service scavenger hunts. She has always been an example for me!

Tammy – well she is simply amazing! I met her in the 41st ward. She has cerebral palsy, and is in a wheelchair – but the chair does not hold her back. She has two adorable children – and is such a good mom! She is an advocate for equality for people with disabilities. She is a fellow blogger – and I just simply admire her loving, fun spirit!!!!

Marrian – I met Marrian in Ogden, UT. She is truly dedicated to The Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I met her – I felt like a kindred spirit- only because we are both very service oriented.

Melinda – Melinda has been my roommate for the past 6 years. She is so wonderful to be around – always positive. She also makes me laugh – because we are also so different from each other! We have had many adventures together and I am grateful to have her as a roommate!

Alicia: I met Alicia in my singles ward, just after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is an amazing and powerful woman! We have seen each other through the good and the bad since then. She has a degreen in nutrition - and really knows what she is talking about. She is so caring and loving to those around her!

Chiara: I just love Chiara! She is from Italy and has the BEST accent. She is just so honest - she really just tells it like it is. I appreciate that quality, and she showed that quality ALOT when we went shopping in Texas. She is very dramatic! Like - she called my house a few years ago - and my roommate answered. I was not home and my roommate did not know my whereabouts - so Chiara was ready to call out the search party for me! She is one classy woman!

Ingerlis – Ingerlis actually grew up in Pennsylvania as well. She is my mud wrestling friend who likes to try new activities! I loved our camping trips when we were roommates!