Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my story

One of my assignments this week was to write a personal history. I decided to make it more of a kids book, and I kinda liked the way it turned out, so I will share....
Personal History

Once upon a time (because the best stories start like that) there was a grain of sand. This little grain of sand, lived on a peaceful beach, and it looked like life was beautiful. She was often left alone on the sidewalk. Sadly, this grain of sand was often coming up against some rough rocks, and they really hurt this tender little grain of sand. Life became so hard that she found herself finding protection in a little oyster shell. The oyster shell became a safe haven. She could learn and study there. She could hide from all the rocks. Eventually, she felt safe again. Inside the shell. She realized that she would never see the beauty of the beach alone in the shell. She would never have friends. She would always live in fear of the rocks. So, she worked up all of her courage. She peeked her head of the little shell. To her amazement, she had not only healed, but she had changed completely! She had become a beautiful Pearl. Amazed at who she had become, she realized that she could make a difference. She could share the beauty in her heart with everyone around her. She found that she could create loving places for young grains of sand to grow into beautiful gems. Where they can learn and not have to face the rocks. The Pearl found that this was the greatest joy that she could ever experience! She found that she was always meant to be this Pearl – which is what her name means: Peggy.