Monday, June 29, 2009

I need an intervention....

So, I am 31 years old and single. This is not because I have not tried to find a husband. Not by a long shot. So, I have decided that I need some help. So, I need a dating therapist.... which is where all of my readers come in.

I know that I have faults, but don't we all? I have felt for a long time that my lack of dating has all been because of my size. Guys don't dig fat chicks, I know this. I do believe that there has to be some guys that are above this. That could see me for who I am and not just what I look like. Yet, this hope has dwindled over the years of rejection.....
So, this is where I need your advice... How do I find a husband? I have asked plenty of guys out, no lets rephrase this, I have akwardly (cause thats my style) thrown myself at some guys..... I have played hard to get ( and mostly just gotten ignored).
I would really like the advice of my guy readers, if there are any. What do I do? How can I just get a date, because honestly, I do not date. Please... help the dateless!

Monday, June 22, 2009

***Just a quick note....

Umm, I tend to steal pictures - especially from family - so if you post a pic - you have been warned! :)

Happy Daddy's Day!!

Happy Father's Day! This is my Dad - Norm Drasher. I kindof like him. He has taught me a lot, and has always been there for me - even when I show emotion- which he rarely does. He is kind of a great guy for the most part. He is currently serving a service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, so if you ever have a geneology question - you might just be lucky enough to talk to him. Here are some of my favorite memories.....
He has always wanted his children to graduate from early morning seminary. He put in the effort too - like waking me up and driving me there - which was never an easy task. I fondly remember one of the mornings that I did not want to get up - and the cold milk that he poured on my head!!!! I got up. oh, and I graduated too.....
Dad trying to explain the birds and the bees.... he showed me a church video about chastity, but I was like 12 years old and no idea what chastity meant! Nor, did I understand anything else about the topic.....
I love how he took care of his mother, Nannie Drasher. He would often spend vacation days re-roofing her house or working on her property.
Dad dress shopping - nuff said- finally he pawned this job off to my older sister - THANK GOODNESS!!!!
Love you Dad! Happy Fathers Day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This life is for the test....

So, I really had high hopes after I finished my student teaching in like mid April. Really! I thought I would just get a teaching position lined up, and work my little fanny off during the summer.
Well, when a summer job did not come, after a ton of applications, I was fine. It gave me a chance to finish all of the projects for my Master's Degree. I would be fine.

Well, May came... I had more time on my hands... so I worked on some projects, tried to pick up some extra hours at my regular job at the treatment center, and focused on preparing a classroom.

Mid May - I was not really working enough to make ends meet - it came time to seek for solutions. So, I decided to move out of the place I have been living. I would just stay with friends for a while, and put all of my belongings in storage. I would just keep trying, right?

Well, bad got worse... I took on too many hours at once at work, and one day, after working 15 hours, I dozed off at work. So, I lost my job. Kind of defeated the purpose, eh?

I will keep trying - so I had time to move out. I interviewed a few times with Granite School District. I also had several other job interviews. The only problem is - I just earned a degree - so immediatly I am asked what I want to do with an Early Childhood Degree? Well, I want to teach.... if I can get a job. Response: I can almost see it on their faces - i.e. you will not stay for very long, next.....

So, yes, my life is like the definition of frustration right now. I have my moments - like when I started crying at the gas station today. I am trying to kill frustration with exercise and chocolate - good combination, huh?

I just feel like everything happens for a purpose. Life will get better - and this is a learning experience that I absolutely need. Until then - well, I get by with a little help from my friends.... Ben has been nice enough to let me stay at his house, Suzie has offered meals and a shoulder to cry on, Mel has been trying to find me a man ( because being unemployed, homeless and overweight is SOOOOOooooo attractive!), and countless friends who I know are there for me.

Life will get better.....

Monday, June 8, 2009

My teaching website

I really wanted to have a blog for my classroom - my future classroom, but I could not wait! So, here it is! Right now it kind of brags about my credentials. I want to post my portfolio. So, does anyone know how to post a powerpoint on a blog?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miss Scrappin Susie

Scrappin Susie is my cute little sister - and dang it! She is so creative - even more creative than me! So, she has a new etsy shop - for pre made scrap books. So, if you have ever wished that you were crafty - here is a good way to fake it! So cute!!!