Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This life is for the test....

So, I really had high hopes after I finished my student teaching in like mid April. Really! I thought I would just get a teaching position lined up, and work my little fanny off during the summer.
Well, when a summer job did not come, after a ton of applications, I was fine. It gave me a chance to finish all of the projects for my Master's Degree. I would be fine.

Well, May came... I had more time on my hands... so I worked on some projects, tried to pick up some extra hours at my regular job at the treatment center, and focused on preparing a classroom.

Mid May - I was not really working enough to make ends meet - it came time to seek for solutions. So, I decided to move out of the place I have been living. I would just stay with friends for a while, and put all of my belongings in storage. I would just keep trying, right?

Well, bad got worse... I took on too many hours at once at work, and one day, after working 15 hours, I dozed off at work. So, I lost my job. Kind of defeated the purpose, eh?

I will keep trying - so I had time to move out. I interviewed a few times with Granite School District. I also had several other job interviews. The only problem is - I just earned a degree - so immediatly I am asked what I want to do with an Early Childhood Degree? Well, I want to teach.... if I can get a job. Response: I can almost see it on their faces - i.e. you will not stay for very long, next.....

So, yes, my life is like the definition of frustration right now. I have my moments - like when I started crying at the gas station today. I am trying to kill frustration with exercise and chocolate - good combination, huh?

I just feel like everything happens for a purpose. Life will get better - and this is a learning experience that I absolutely need. Until then - well, I get by with a little help from my friends.... Ben has been nice enough to let me stay at his house, Suzie has offered meals and a shoulder to cry on, Mel has been trying to find me a man ( because being unemployed, homeless and overweight is SOOOOOooooo attractive!), and countless friends who I know are there for me.

Life will get better.....


Suzie said...

How is it that you are still so cute after going through all of this? Seriously. You are the best!
I know I've been out of the workforce for a while, but why would saying that you want to teach make them think you won't be around long?
You still haven't taken me up on my offer for dinner.
I just got a PT night job cleaning for the church. I can see if they have other openings if you are interested in just something for right now.

Jennifer said...

Oh Peggy. I'm so sorry that you're going through such a trial lately. I remember how hard it was when my husband had barely finished school and we were so full of hope and good things for the future. But things instead got worse because my husband didn't get that dream job he had hoped for and instead he lost the job he had. We were broke and depressed that we couldn't progress even though we had so much desire to. We felt we had done the right things. That we had followed the spirit by going to school full time and choosing the career path that he did. It was so frustrating. I cried myself to sleep often and our days were full of frustration and heartache after being turned down for jobs. We even wound up losing our house in all of it.
I now see though that Heavenly Father was merciful to us by not allowing us to get any of those job offers. He saw down the road the economic hardships that most of these companies are now facing (one of them was GM). We are so blessed now with a wonderful job with a company that is still doing very well despite all that is going on with the recession. You too will one day understand the purpose for all of this. Just remember to have faith and know that HE knows best and that He loves you and will bless you if you are faithful. I hope you can take some comfort in that.


Oh, and sorry for such a long comment. :)