Sunday, May 24, 2009

Girls Camp Ideas

My calling in the church is Ward Camp Director. I went to girls camp as a young woman, but I feel really unsure of myself as a leader. So, if you have any tips for me - I would love them! Plus, our stake theme is B.U.G.S. - which I think is awesome! The only thing is that our ward has been assigned the bug: the beetle. Who has ever seen a cute beetle? How can I make this fun for our Young Women?


Dave & Sherri said...

I LOVE being in with the YW. I was way unsure of myself too - just go in and be yourself and the girls will LOVE LOVE LOVE you! As for girls camp - good luck... I'll have to think on the bug thing. Just a thought - are lady bugs considered a beetle/bug??? That might be cute...

Scrappin Susie said...

bettles are considered a pest...i thought of "dont pest with the best!"

Nathan said...

What if you colored the beetle with the value colors. You could even add polka dots or stripes in some of the colors. It would not look so scary then. What does B.U.G.S. stand for? You could even do an Acrostic poem for Beetle.
E-Eternal Friends.
I know this is cheesy but it is just an example. Good Luck

Marrian said...

Good luck with that one :)!

What about using some music from the music group, "The Beatles"?