Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the past year, I have been really busy. I have worked and worked and gone to school and then worked some more. Well, I finished my student teaching. I am still working, but only about 20 hours a week – all on the weekend. So basically – I feel like I have downshifted….. Life is funny – because now I am trying to fill my free time. So far I have…….
1. Been able to spend time with friends. I had a wonderful impromptu sleepover with a good friend – how great is that?
2. Job hunting - okay you can really get a picture of the economy by the job market. I am trying to find a teaching position, and a summer job. For the summer- I have applied everywhere – for any type of job – dozens – and no luck. For teaching – I have applied nationwide.
3. Napped…. Well, I was sick, but I slept A LOT!!!!!! Who doesn’t love the indulgence of a good nap?
4. Playtime – I live with an 8 month old and a 2 year old. It sure is fun to have baby time and run around toddler time! We even went to Wheeler Farm – it was great!
5. Girls camp stuff – yeah, I am planning girls camp – cross your fingers….
6. Cleaned house – I have gone through my closets and dejunked everything! Oh, so I am having a Yard sale to complete the process….
7. Catching up on my favorite tv shows: Friday Night Lights, Medium and Gray’s Anatomy. I love that I can watch them online!

This next week, I can start substitute teaching. Hopefully, I will get some more work.....