Sunday, May 10, 2009

Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening is important in the LDS church. It is time set aside every Monday Night for the family. There is usually a lesson and an activity. So, as a single person, I never really considered having Family Home Evening alone. Singles wards have group family home evenings (mostly an attempt for families to be created). So, I came across some ideas for singles FHE that is more of a time to become stronger spiritually. Here they are:
Make "FHE Coupons" to give to family members and friends for 1 free FHE lesson, and enjoy treating them to a FHE lesson taught by you.
Make a quilt or other humanitarian project.
Write a positive note to a Congressman, Senator, military serviceperson, mayor, bishop, or parent.
Write in your journal.
Write your life history -- these are important even if you don't have children! Here is a history about a great-great-great Uncle Hugh Uriah French who had no children of his own. Uncle Hugh Uriah's life story is wonderfully interesting, and I love to read it!
Write a note to a missionary. Pray for guidance and inspiration about what to share -- be it humorous, spiritual, or a report on what's happening in your unit.
Offer to redo, clean up, and fix the dolls and toys from your local thrift shop.
Stuff envelopes for a charity organization or a nonprofit group.
Study the most recent Conference Addresses from the Ensign.
Study and apply principles from the new Preach My Gospel book.
Volunteer to help clean pens and walk the pets at the local animal shelter.
Go to a hospital and read stories to the elderly or to children.
Research and write a history about a relative.
Research a favorite gospel topic at
Invite a member of your church unit to teach you about entering genealogy into the computer.
Prepare names for the temple -- attend the temple and do the work for your ancestors.

I really believe that Family Home Evening is important; single, married, with kids or without. So, now I have some new ideas!!!!