Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Akward roommate moments

I have three roommates right now.... three in a list of over 100 roommates since I was 18. This roommate is a nice girl, but has a problem.... and its getting worse. Her room smells. It is not just a slight odor - it is the bad b.o.! I hold my breath when I walk by her door - seriously. The other roommates and I have talked about the situation. For about a week, we had been opening her window while she is at work to try to air out the smell. She came home early one day and got upset that I had opened her window. So at this point, I need to just tell her how I feel - but how do you tell someone that they stink? Oh well, it is on the list of things that I have wished I could tell my roommates for years....
How do you tell someone......
you know they have been telling you HUGE lies....
that there is no contest for how many times you have been engaged. Three times in a semester? Thats a bit much.
that she is greater than what she gives herself credit for.
they are rushing into marriage.
they owe you money.
they need to "get a room."
you think they are wee bit crazy.
eating baby food is not normal - unless you are a baby.
you need to pay your rent.
you need to be less of a b****.
you need to stop stalking __________.
i don's like your boyfriend.
get over yourself.
I think you are fun to be around.
you are amazing!
you need to keep your pet rat in a cage.
you dress like my grandmother.
you need to do your laundry.
you need to break up with your boyfriend.
and the universal problem - no matter the relationship - Do your dishes!


Suzie said...

Oh Peggy! No fun! I'll pray that you'll be given an opportunity to say what needs to be said. Come visit me if it gets too stinky over there!

Jennifer said...

Hmm...I say call Dr. Laura. =)
I'm trying to figure out which one of those things went with me. Was the engaged girl Jaqueline?