Sunday, August 24, 2008

Student Teaching Update

So, I have survived the first few weeks, rather well, I must say. These past few weeks have been great! I love hearing them call me Miss Drasher. I have been able to lead a few activities so far. Last week was amazing, because my sight teacher had a doctor's appointment, and let me take over the class for one afternoon. It was going really well - until the fire alarm went off. The first thing that I thought was, "oh no, one of my students pulled the fire alarm!" Then, I realized that this was their first fire drill ever! I remained calm and confident and was able to bring everyone outside. A few were really scared and shook up from the experience! Once that adventure was over - there was a problem on the playground. I can only say that after all the excitement that day - not many of the kids could focus on learning. Overall, I will not say that this was a fabulous day - but a real learning experience for me! I am sad, now, because I am now doing my next rotation in the second grade. I have just become so attached to the kindergarten! I am loving being a student teacher!
Miss Drasher


Suzie said...

Oh I bet you're the greatest teacher ever! How fun! Which school are you at?