Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas to me

I have to say thank you for all of my Christmas gifts... here are just a few.
See, we have this joke in my family. I am the lucky one, because my dad hates to spend money on shipping. So, while everyone else gets a hand chosen gift from wal mart from Dad, I get a check. So this is what you bought me dad: [I love it!] I was wise in spending the money. I doubled the value by buying a groupon to Nordstrom rack. This is where I spoiled myself with gifts from Philosophy. A skincare set with cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream (trust me - I need the eye cream. I mean the song says " I get lost in your eyes" NOT "I get lost in the bags under your eyes!") I love their bubble bath as well - and I LLLOOOVVVVEEEE bubblebaths........
Don't worry Dad - I did not blow all the money on girlly things.... I also got an oil change. I put the rest of the money in my 72 hour kit. (I thought you would like that!) :)
Santa made a secret visit this year as well. Not THE Santa, but my Santa. This clever santa, who has great taste, has kept his/her identity hidden for the past 10 years! Well, like THE Santa, has a huge heart, and I love him/her with all my heart! Santa gave me a cute change purse with the letter P on front - I love the letter P! :)
I was given a gift card from my boss at my cute maid, which I am totally excited to use - from Cameo College. OOOhhh, more pampering.......
Then, the cutlers gave me a gift card for school clothes...... which is totally spoiling me, since I have not allowed myself to look at clothes for months......
I was surprised with a bottle of PINK splash from Victoria's Secret..... OMG I love it... I have to keep myself from just randomly spraying it!
Melinda gave me a sushi set..... ooohhh, fun! But, do I trust myself to actually make sushi.... or consume sushi that I made?????
My sister and mom surprised me with a package...... filled with old family photos. A collection that has been lost for like 10 years. Plus scrapbooking stuff to go with it. (Did I ever mention that my lil sister, Susan, is like the scrapbooking queen?)
Ohhhh, merry Christmas! I had so much fun this year! I hope you did too....:)


Don't Take My Advice said...

Good idea with your dad just giving you a check...when I said thank you to my dad after opening his gift, he said, "What did I get you?" He didn't know because I bought it with his credit card and wrapped it myself.