Friday, August 28, 2009

Life at the Airport

I have a job! Yeah!!! It is at The Salt Lake City Airport. Life is interesting at the airport..... Now that I work there, I feel like I LIVE there.
I will recap some interesting scenes:
The Cat Lady: There was one lady who needed help with her 4 (Yes - 4) cats. All in cute little carriers, but cats none the less. I also thought cat women were more of the recluse type...
I love watching people - like the teenager today who gave her mother the best "whatever" look with teen attitude.
Oh, there are the missionaries! From farewells to homecomings. So sweet! The other night there were like 5 on the row of payphones, all sitting in wheelchairs, talking to their folks.
Oh, and I get to ride on the cart through the airport. It is sooo fast! (Yes- you'd better watch out!!!)
I love "riding" the jetway out to the plane, you know, when it moves to meet the door of the plane.

Speaking of jobs - I am now an aid at Roosevelt Elementary in - (you will never guess this! ) the 6th grade! Oh, they are such fun kids!

Ciao all!


Marrian said...

I'm a little confused. I thought you had a teaching job??? Did you get your teaching degree? I thought Utah was really hurting for teachers. Of course, I'm so out of the loop being over here. YOu know, if you have your degree you can always apply to teach at a DODDs school. Their teachers make more than the national average teacher and you can travel. The military bases and posts have schools on them all over the country and of course, here in Europe. DODD stands for Department of Defense. I'm not sure what the last D is for. Check it out.

Suzie said...

So what exactly is your job at the airport? Sounds exciting! How do you have time for all these things? You are one busy woman!