Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Job Search

I do not want to say that I gave up on my teaching job search - but I have just added another pot to the burner. I need to find a job, any job, NOW. This has been an interesting search - as I am willing to do just about anything....
Here is my list of the most interesting jobs
Carriage Driver: you know the white carriages around temple square.... I would drive the carriage. Funny thing is that I have never been on a horse... but it said "no experience neccessary!"
Ice Cream Truck Driver: this would be fun - all the kids running toward you and all - but I would probably go crazy listening to the music all day!
Pizza Delivery: Who wouldn't want me on their doorstep with a pizza?
McDonalds: Yes, you can have it your way!
Party Supply Store: I am a great party planner!
Well, wish me luck - someone has to hire me!


Suzie said...

Yuck! Good luck to you! I'll keep my ears open for anything! Hopefully within the next few weeks all the schools will realize they might actually need adults at school to teach the kids & something will fall into place for you!