Monday, June 16, 2008

My Utah Family

So, while I am paying tribute to my parents, I have to pay tribute to my Utah family. These are the Cutler's. Let's see.... it is hard for me to express how much they truly mean to me. My family - I love them -but they really are not that supportive. The Cutler's - well originally he was my Bishop. Then they welcomed me into their home for Christmas, which became an annual tradition. Then, I really became one of their surrogate kids - along with a few others from the ward.
Here is what I have learned from them:
1. I look to them as an example of what families can really be. Before, families were almost like a myth to me. It was hard for me to actually comprehend a peaceful home. In fact, I saw myself questioning them, especially as a couple - like when will she lose her temper? or when will he be condescending? I never saw it - and I realized that it does not happen. I know that no family is perfect - I just see that they have learned to resolve conflict in good ways.
2. There is no end to love. I think in the world we have this idea that you can only love a certain amount of people or in certain relationships. I just see how much they reach out to others - and love them all. It is truly seeing each other as our Heavenly Father would - perfectly.
3. Relationships require time. This is one thing that I see in them. They are always spending time together. No matter how far they have to go.
I am so grateful for the example they have given me. Sorry - however, this is not the best pic!


Suzie said...

Well said. The Cutlers are great!