Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Father's Day

To my Dad :>
I love this picture of my dad - it totally paints him as the wanna be farmer that he is. He is with his "pet" chickens. Even growing up, we had a lot of gardens, which was not really the "norm" in our middle class neighborhood. We have a unique relationship because I lived with him after my parents divorced. So, he took on the role of single parent of a teenage girl. I will never forget trying to find a dress with him at the mall. Or dying of embarrasment when I needed to ask him to buy some tampons. Or him trying to explain the law of chastity to the girl who still thought that babies come to those that pray really hard for them. And boys...... the trepidation a parent must feel when they hear of their childs first crush..... it is such wonderfully dangerous territory!
What I love about my dad:
1. I do not think I have ever met a harder worker. I have always known him for being able to do everything - literally. He built playhouses and treehouses and landscaped the yard, fixed the car, and the plumbing.
2. He gave me an example of obedience. I have always known that Dad would do the right thing, from keeping the Sabbath day holy, to paying a full tithe and fasting on fast sunday. I think this is amazing considering that he was in his 30's when he joined the church. There were never exceptions. I still look to him now, especially since I am not always that obedient.
3. His backwards sentimental side. Okay, so my dad does not show much emotion. So, it is funny to me how he tries to be sentimental. I love the cute cards with a puppy dog on them. It is like I am perpetually five years old, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Happy Fathers Day!!!!