Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mother's Day - A tribute (a little late)

Mother's Day was pretty cool this year because I was able to spend so much time with my mom. My mom and I have had a pretty rocky past - I was basically won by my Dad in the divorce, so since I was like 11 our relationship has been shaky. I have worked very hard to mend it though - and it has been pretty good for the last few years, which I am very grateful for. Here are some things I love about my mom:
1. This woman can sew. When I was little she made every dress I owned. In fact I love the story about our velvet dresses. Our ward had a give and take box, and she found a plus sized velvet dress. She saw it for its possibilities - so it became two dresses: one for me and one for my older sister. They were beautiful!
2. Her other talent is the ability to get lost in a paper sack. I know that she lives in Pennsylvania - it is easier to get lost. Mom has spent more time lost than anyone I have ever met.
3. Mom is very sentimental - and I love it. She was suggesting graduation gifts recently - at first I said money is fine, but she insisted on something tangible. Tires? I asked hopefully, but she finally decided on a set of Pearls. (Peggy means Pearl.) They are beautiful.
4. You have to give her credit for sticking with my Dad for so long. I mean I love my Dad, but he is hard to live with. He was a marine for 25 years, and has control issues because of it. He is well, frugal, to say the least.
5. She tries to meet all of her kids needs. My family is rather challenging - to say the least. She does try to help us all, so, when one sister needs a babysitter, or another needs a ride to the store - she is there.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!


Suzie said...

What a great tribute to your mom!