Sunday, April 27, 2008

The waiting has finally paid off!!!!

I wrote about waiting for the mail a while back. It has been a long time - but here are the results...
1. March - Yes, I have been accepted to the Early Childhood Licensure program at the University of Utah. This was marked by phone calls from screaming classmates all eager to share the joy of being accepted. I was so excited that I was jumping up and down, then fell over ( I was still trying to get used to my new stilletos, kind of embarrasing).
2. I found out (not by the mail) that I did not get accepted into the Graduate program. Do not be sad yet - because it is okay. Actually, I officially did not apply - the admissions office did not send my application to the department and my GRE test scores were not able to be found. I almost cried in the advisors office as she told me this. They will let me take the Graduate classes in the fall and I can be considered for admission in October.
3. I qualify for a $5,000. Mastercard (at 29% interest, with an annual fee, where do I sign?????) !
4. (This was followed by more jumping and screaming!!!!) I was offered the Katherine Bennion Scholarship through the Teaching and Learning Department at the University of Utah for my student teaching next year. (OMG)$2,500. !
5. I may have already won $25,000. through Publisher's Clearing House!

Can I just say - I love mail!!!!