Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer - is it here yet?

So, I can not wait for summer. Since my semester is ending, I figure it is here for good! Here is my list of summertime dreams....
Camping - I love camping all summer long. Destinations: Moab, Monte Cristo (my favorite), Bear Lake...... and maybe a few new spots this year!
Home - Pennsylvania - I have Nieces and Nephews I want to see...
Find a good step aerobics class. Okay, I used to go to one club that had awesome teachers, and the club closed. I need to find a good teacher, or if anyone knows a gay guy named Karl who teaches step - I need to know where he teaches now cause he ROCKS!!!!
Swim - I could think of no better way then to spend it in the sun at the pool.
Hiking: I plan on doing the Timp hike this summer.
Les Mis: Okay so the Tuachan is putting on Les Mis this summer and I totally want to go!
I want to go tubing. I did this all the time as a kid, and I love it!
Ice Blocking
Scrapbooking: I have not had the time to for so long..... I miss the creativity!!!
Mountain Biking
New Adventures!!!!!!!!!!
Any other ideas????