Thursday, March 6, 2008

What are you so happy about ???

So, the other day, I was walking on campus. It was a beautiful day! I was wearing my favorite bright pink shirt, with little bows on the sleeve, and a pretty necklace. This old man passed me, and asked " what are you so happy about?" Like it was a crime! I did not even have a permagrin Viagra style smile or anything....

So, I responded by saying "I'm sorry" but I declare tonight that I AM NOT SORRY!!! I am so happy about..... spring is on its way. For the color pink, for the gospel, for feeling successful, for good friends who really know me, for movies that make you laugh, or make you cry, for Hope (THIS IS A HUGE ONE), for love (because love is all you need) for the ability to change, for mountains, for warm beds with comfy blankets, for peanut butter cups, for good books that take you away, for bubble baths,........ so I ask, "What are YOU so happy about?"