Friday, March 21, 2008


For Spring break, I went to Dallas, Texas. I went to see my good friend, Chiara. She is a Italian drama queen - and I simply adore her and her accent! Her plans for my trip were to "find Peggy a husband." So, when she had plans to visit a singles ward -I was surprised - especially that her husband would let HER go too! (she is just too beautiful!)
I then discovered that her plans required, well, an intensive makeover. I was informed that I needed to change EVERYTHING about how I look - but too keep my heart "because I have one of the sweetest hearts!" This included a manicuure/pedicure, a facial, highlights, a haircut, an eyebrow wax, new clothes, new shoes and that my "hideous handbag be thrown out."
This was followed by advice on how to get a man. It is not that I do not believe in the advice - I just can not be that kind of girl - trying to manipulate men......
But, for all of you singles out there who have to be cured from the sickness of singlehood....... here are her rules:
play hard to get.... never call a boy, they need to call you.
look and dress as if you are expensive - and worth the cost


Jennifer said...

She was right about your sweet heart. Don't ever change that. And I really do love the new hair cut!