Friday, November 13, 2009

Sparks of happiness

It is amazing how cool it is to create stuff! I work with an afterschool program, which includes an art class. I love creating new pieces of art as much as the children do! Really - you should try it! Get out those watercolors... it is liberating!
Plus, my ward had its super saturday for Relief Society. I was in heaven... I made this watch bracelet.... and for someone with no beading experience...... it is good.
Plus, I made these wood blocks.. oh,but I can't say anymore because it is a Christmas special... shhhhh. (I had a blast making it!):)))))

So, my life has these sparks of happiness making stuff. Especially right now in my life, where I feel like I am down in the dumps most of the time, I need as many sparks as I can get!