Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A trip down memory lane....

So, let's go back in time... to just about twelve years ago. I had just traveled across the country - to the great land of Rexburg, Idaho. I just moved into my new apartment with like zero belongings, and I was a little nervous... That is when I met Sherri. We became friends & roommates instantly!
So, yesterday, it was fun to see her - since I have not seen her in twelve years. She helped me make the bandanas for girls camp. Then she shared all (well some) of her crafting secrets - cause she is the craftiest of them all! Really! She showed me how to make tutu's ( cause every girl needs a tutu - ) ! Then, she showed me how to make hair bows and clips. It was really fun to see her - and her three little girls! Thanks Sherri!!!


Dave & Sherri said...

Thank you SO much for the fun day! It was great to catch up and to see what an amazing woman you've become!