Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Traditions

Happy Easter! I am kind of walking down an Easter Memory Lane today. These are my favorite Easter memories...
I loved that we had new Easter dresses - my mom always made us beautiful dresses.
I loved that we would always eat off of the china on Easter sunday.
The Easter Bunny always came- no matter how old we were. I remember in like fourth grade, one of my friends no longer had the Easter Bunny come. I tried to pack up part of my basket for her - but mom told me that her parents would probably not appreciate that.
We always had an easter egg hunt in the front yard.
One year, my nanny (grandmother) came and we danced for hours in the kitchen.
My first year of college, me and some friends decided to make Easter dinner. It included 6 girls and like 12 boys. We liked the numbers!!!
Last year, I worked a graveyard shift for Easter at a treatment center for teenage girls. I hid 100's of eggs that night for an easter egg hunt in the morning. It was so fun!
I hope that you have all had a fabulous Easter. I hope that we have all remembered the real meaning of Easter!