Saturday, March 28, 2009

Highlights of student teaching

I can not believe that am almost done with my student teaching! I have loved it sooo much! I have two more weeks left in my second grade classroom. Hightlights have been - my friendship unit in the kindergarten. How darling! Part of it was learning to like yourself - so I had them paint self portraits. The cummalative activity was to have all of their pictures in our classroom friend "ship". So cute!

The best part of kindergarten was the surprise party that the students planned - they jumped out and everything! I was also spoiled with little teacher gifts - pencils, stickers, erasers, and most important - pain reliever! I loved their sweet cards!

This week in second grade we studied plants. We planted seeds in little cups. Then we also made a paper sunflower. We compared the life cycle of a plant to that of a story: having a beginning, middle and end. They did such a good job!

All of this teaching makes me so anxious for my own classroom! I can't wait!!!
Miss Drasher


Suzie said...

How cute! I bet those kids just love you!