Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tag - You are it!

So, robyn tagged me! Here are 25 little known facts about the pegster....
1. I was prescribed glasses when I was three. They were terrible! They were too big for my face! I hated them!!!
2. I was on drill team/colorguard in High school and I loved it. There is something so wicked awesome about tossing a rifle and catching it - with music!
3. I have lost count of the number of roommates I have had - way over 100!
4. Some of the former are still some of my best friends!!!
5. I grew up in Lewisberry, PA. and now live in Salt Lake City.
6. I talk in my sleep - A LOT!!!
7. I am a giver.
8. I have never broken a bone - I really wanted to and tried to over and over again in elementary school.
9. I secretly love LDS romance novels! (SHHHhhh this is my darkest secret!!!)
10. I want to be a kindergarten teacher when I grow up.
11. I have had the most random jobs ever..... and A LOT of them!!!!!
12. I love the show Alias with Jennifer Garner.
13. Kids bring me so much joy!!!
14. I love country music!
15. I love to camp!
16. I went to Ricks College when it still was Ricks.
17. I love the movie Hairspray!

I guess I will need to work some more on having random facts!!!!