Friday, February 8, 2008

Cherie Call (These are a few of my favorite things!)

I love Cherie Call. Whenever I need a pick me up, I just put in her CD. It is not as cheesy as some of my other CD's (all my former roommates have been driven insane by The Goodman Family CD - which I adore!)

I just love all of her music and the message it sends. I work with teenage girls, and I seem to always be quoting some of Cherie's lyrics when talking with them. Here are the lyrics to one of my favorites:

(Cherie Call)

I've been there and I've seen with those eyes
Green with envy, dark with anger
Or just plain blue
And I know the last thing you really want to hear
Is just what I'm about to tell you
But you have to hear the truth
I know it's stylish to be cynical these days
So there's only one thing left to do

Sometimes traffic lights are green,
Sometimes people keep their word
In spite of everything you've heard, it's true that
Sometimes nice guys finish first,
Sometimes true love really lasts
Sometimes all the world can change
If only you believe

Still you say the phone rings every time you want to take a bath
Or take a nap, or you just need peace
But tell me this, did you really want to be
So all alone as you are now?
Don't you need a friend who knows
It's in the way you see the glass
Once you know that it's half full, it overflows
Every time that you

Sometimes Christmases are white,
Sometimes wedding days are clear
Sometimes rain falls right on time
To wash away your tears
Sometimes cornfields touch the sky,
Sometimes sunsets make you cry
Sometimes you see what Jesus sees
When you look in the mirror

And love isn't something that is just for everyone else
It's for you
Believe what I say is true
In spite of all the ways you feel right now
You've got to find out some way somehow to

Sometimes the good live long,
Sometimes kindness reaches far
Sometimes you hear your favorite song
Right when you get in the car
You don't have to move the sky
But you can chase the clouds away
You don't have to change the world,
But you might do it anyway

Believe sometimes nice guys finish first
You don't have to change the world,
But you might do it anyway